Glenn Munson was born and raised in Suffolk England, his scenic upbringing would later come to manifest itself in his acoustic folksy approach to songwriting.

Glenn moved to East London in January 2011 after a turbulent time in his life. It was during this time of uprooting and a deep depression that he came across a busted up guitar which he felt magnetically drawn to, this was the pivotal point that led him down the path to exploring his melancholic songwriting style. Glenn could be described as having one foot in heaven and one foot in hell, he can be self destructive at times of depression but all the damage he causes leads to his self reflective periods in which he writes the songs that help him to analyse and recover until the perpetual cycle starts over.

Glenn’s music heavily features themes of love, sex and betrayal. His music also takes influence from religious themes and iconography. Being haunted by demons and a need for salvation, whether through love or self acceptance is present in his songs. He signed to indie label High Tribe Records in 2017 and later went on to record his debut single “Lost Without Your Love” with them at Genesis’s The Farm Studios. The track was recorded live in one take.

Recently he has supported Phoebe Bridgers and Parker Millsap. He is about to release a new EP inspired by recent heartbreak with songs drenched in pain and a new sonic influence that sounds like it could soundtrack the pharmaceutical trials in Maniac.